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The Jerry & Janice Higgins Farm is located in Middle Tennessee.  The stock found at Higgins Zoo is that of tradition and foundation stock.  Whether looking for the best Spotted Saddle Horse or the best Gaited Mule, the prefect breeding and beauty will be the combination found at the Higgins Farm.  The Higgins couple has spent years perfecting their breeding stock in order to produce beautiful animals that perform in the show ring as well as being sure footed on the trail.

Their expertise over the years has spread into raising Boston Terriers as well as Bob Tail Cats and training an occassional top notch Coon Dog. 

For beauty, breeding, performance and choice of color, a visit to Higgins Zoo is a must.  

Of course, if one has a little extra time, they might squeeze a tall tale out of Jerry and most of the time that is worth the visit in itself.