Higgins Zoo 


All breeding at Higgins Farm is under Private Treaty.  Mare care is available.  Contact us for details.  Visit the Photo Gallery to see off-springs in action.  Visit the For Sale page to see what is available now.   


A nine year old, homozygous Spotted Saddle Horse standing at 14'3 hands.  "Mr.B", as he is better known, is registered with the Spotted Saddle Horse Breeder's Exhibitor's Association.  Mr. B has a strong personality and versatility is a plus in his off spring.  Mr. B's off spring are solid in the woods for trail riding, are contenders in competition exhibiting versatility and style as well as performance of the gait in the show ring.


Elmo is a Standard Spotted Gaited Jack.  He is registered with with American Gaited Mule Association as well as the American Council of Spotted Asses, Inc. and stands 13'1 hands.  Elmo is 13 years old.  Over the years Elmo has been awarded many blue ribbons recognizing his build and beautiful blanket of color.  He has a wide variety of off spring and the color and patterns are endless.

View Elmo's ACSA registration papers; view Elmo's AGMA registration papers.


Wally is a 3 year old Boston Terrier registered with AKC.  His personality is 'full of himself' to put it mildly.  AC is a black 10 year old bobtailed tom cat and Cracker is a 5 year old white bobtailed tom cat.